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Event Registrants

This is a list of registrants for the displayed event
Title: 2018 Tour De Blueberry
When: Saturday, June 16, 2018

Name Type
John Absi Volunteer - Not Riding
Trish Alvis Adult
Beth Andrew Volunteer - Not Riding
Donald Andrews Adult
Gwen Baker Adult
Steven Baker Adult
Ashley Ball Adult
Judy Beachler Adult
Michael Beachler Adult
Kirk Binning Volunteer - Not Riding
Kent Blossom Adult
Barry Boswell Adult
Rosanne Boswell Adult
Marianna Boucher Adult
Robin Boucher Adult
Andrew Brantley Adult
Lisa Brosier Adult
Alfred Brunjes Volunteer - Not Riding
Holly Carter Adult
William Casey Adult
Larry Cheng Volunteer - Not Riding
Fort Clark Adult
Ben Cockfield Adult
Debbie Cockfield Adult
David Cole Adult
Lucas Coleman Volunteer - Not Riding
Mack Coleman Volunteer - Not Riding
Geri-Lynn Copeland Adult
Angie Costin Adult
John Cressman Adult
Crawford Cutts Adult
Kevin Dennis Adult
Ken Deutsch Volunteer - Riding
Ken Deutsch Volunteer - Riding
Julie Devlin Adult
Trent Dikeman Adult
Trent Dikeman Adult
Hans Eggeling Adult
Loretta Eggeling Adult
Evelyn Estep Adult
Robert Estep Adult
Ben Farrow Volunteer - Riding
Brian Ferrell Adult
Brahm Fisscher Adult
chuck forrest Adult
Luis Garcia Adult
Richard Gilbert Adult
John Harris Volunteer - Not Riding
Steve Hicks Adult
Teresa Hill Adult
John Hudson Adult
Mary Alice Hudson Adult
Dominic Iannucci Adult
Heather Iannucci Volunteer - Riding
Jim Iannucci Volunteer - Riding
Mark Johnnie Adult
Jon Kapell Adult
Tracy Lewchuk Adult
Kelly Lindsay Adult
Paul Liposchak Adult
Adam Lisewski Adult
Jack Little Adult
Ken Long Adult
Marilyn Malanaphy Adult
Charlie Mason Adult
Victoria Matthews Adult
Victoria Matthews Adult
Dana Mauldin Adult
Ilene McAllister Adult
Jeff McConnell Adult
Eileen McConville Volunteer - Not Riding
Rich McGregor Adult
Ernesto Mejia Adult
Christian Miller Age 13 and Younger
Elle Miller Age 13 and Younger
Heath Miller Adult
Laura Miller Adult
Greg Mitchell Adult
randy mohr Adult
Louis Molina Adult
Diana Morris Adult
William Novakowski Volunteer - Not Riding
William OConnell Adult
Innocenzo Ostacoli Adult
Nancy Parker Adult
Joshua Petersen Adult
Robert (Bob) Philpott Adult
peter poirier Adult
Annina Pope Adult
Celeste Price Adult
Hal Price Adult
Richard Price Adult
john reilly Adult
Ethan Rhoades Age 13 and Younger
Mike Rhoades Adult
John Robbins Adult
Delia Rodriguez Adult
Elisha Roithner Adult
Ralph Roithner Adult
Richard Ross Adult
Cassie Ruch Adult
Bob Rudary Adult
Matthew Ruh Adult
Leonard Sanderson Adult
Brian Schachte Adult
Herb Schmidt Adult
Brian Scott Adult
Marilyn Scott Adult
Murray Sherman Adult
John Slattery Adult
Kathy Smith Adult
Linda Smith Volunteer - Riding
William Smith Adult
Tom Solley Adult
Gabrielle Steele Volunteer - Riding
Janelle Sununtnasuk Adult
Richard Tamisiea Adult
Mary Teal Adult
Antony Thomas Adult
Robert Troxler Adult
Ivan Troy Adult
Hope Turnbull Adult
Angie Vuncannon Adult
Randy Vuncannon Adult
Christopher Wagner Adult
eric ward Adult
Lisa Weldrick Volunteer - Not Riding
Michael Weldrick Volunteer - Not Riding
Stan White Volunteer - Not Riding
Daniel Wilcox Adult
Brandon Williams Adult
Carly Wilson Adult
Andrea Winter Adult

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