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Wrightsville Beach Cruise
This ride is a good way to see the activity at the beach.  Traffic tends to move slower at the beach and be watching for people and bikes.  There are lots of other distractions though so ride safely. To do the ride, park at the main parking lot near the fire station and ball fields.  Exiting the parking lot, head east on Causeway Dr. toward the beach.  After crossing banks channel on the bridge, turn right on Waynick Blvd.  Follow Waynick south and around the curve and turn right on Lumina Ave taking Lumina to the south end of the beach.  Reverse course and return North on Lumina, left on Waynick and when you get back to the Bridge, turn right to follow Lumina Ave through downtown and continue north to the north end of the beach.  At the north end, reverse course and come back to town again exiting the beach by following the curve of Lumina over banks channel on the bridge and onto Causeway Dr. again back to the parking lot.  This ride is best done in the morning and finished by 8:30 or 9:00 during the summer, earlier on holidays such as the fourth of July.

Middle Sound Loop Laps
This is a favorite of locals of all ability.  Middle Sound Loop is just that, a loop.  It's approximately five miles from the roundabout back to the roundabout with no turns.  The easiest way to start the ride is to park at Ogden Elementary school and hop on the loop.  Alternatively, may riders start from their homes or Bike Cycles and ride to the loop for a few laps before returning home.  Traffic is heaviest near the roundabout and can be congested in the roundabout but if you're patient you'll be out of it soon enough.

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